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Working with Governing Bodies and Sport Organisations

Sport, in many of its diverse areas is now big business and sport organisations can be considered alongside commercial companies as having a product to market and sell to the public, its customers.  My early research in sport indicated that the paying customer or consumer, more readily known in the sporting context as the fan expects satisfaction on receipt of their product, broadly interpreted as success, narrowly interpreted as winning!  As such a commercial or sport business approach is an essential understanding required of Sport Governing Bodies experiencing the tension between the commercial and the playing aspects of their business.

My experience as an Occupational Psychologist has meant that I have had many dealings with Boards of Directors and Chief Executive Officers.  Our focus has always been on the commercial aspects of improving the bottom line.  This experience is directly transferable to the Governing Bodies of Sport.
Areas of special interest are recruitment and selection, talent development, learning and development, communication, strategic planning, executive coaching, mentoring and team building stressing internal cooperation versus external competition.

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