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SPECC (Sport Personality Eysenck Cripps Cook 2008)

The Questionnaire

Research in sport goes back a long way. Starting in North America, the newly emerging discipline of Sport Psychology made some fairly loose assumptions about sport, personality, selection and performance. Consequently, correlations between personality and performance could never be substantiated and demonstrated empirically.

Testing, per se, has however remained a fundamental tool and technique in the physiological studies of performance in sport and exercise.

In the current climate of detailed analysis of sport performance and sport psychology, the focus has moved on from the athlete to look at the social dynamics of sports performers, teams, clubs and organisations, once again bringing personality studies to the fore. Constructs such as emotional intelligence, leadership, social cohesion, team building and stress can all be explored using a valid and reliable personality instrument.

SPECC is derived from the Eysenck Personality Scales, one of the most widely researched and quoted personality questionnaires in psychological research studies. SPECC serve to assess three basic dimensions of human personality, described by the Eysencks:

Access and training
SPECC is a restricted test only available to those qualified in Psychology and Sport and Exercise Psychology. Training is available, delivered by me and qualified and trained Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologists trained by me.

Please contact me with your requirements as below: